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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Funny Bugs Bunny!

This morning, I woke up with a smile --- for I had the most unusual dream ever. Ten seconds later, the afterthoughts started diminishing… leaving me with almost nothing. Actually, there’s nothing left now. All I remembered was that I smiled right after I opened my eyes.


Ellen DeGeneres

"My grandmother started walking five miles a day when she was sixty. She's ninety-seven now, and we don't know where the hell she is."


I’ve been busy this past few days fixing up my myspace account. While doing so, I came across a site where a very talented artist displays his grandstanding creations. Here are some of his works..

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And this one is my favorite. Although, I think this one came from another site… I’m really having memory problems. Sigh

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Here’s a picture of MYX’s beloved writer Carlo Segunda Aselar Bautista, taken during his Kindergarten School Field trip --- location: Malabon Zoo. Here, as you can see, tiyo Carlo is having fun. Tiyo Carlo loves being with his friends and is really fond of animals. He speaks with animals. I mean, he whispers.

After the Malabon Zoo, second location: The Planetarium --- Tiyo Carlo’s most favorite place in the world.

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Garbage Pail Kids!!!

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That’s all folks..

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


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Lorna Tolentino? I don’t know what to say… It’s just like Jacq, also known as Irma D, wearing polka dot spandex while singing Respect by Aretha Franklin.

Chicken strips anyone?

I’m having a break.. I’m updating my beloved blog while eating an apple pie from KFC. Fortunately, this day is quite relaxing.. Thanks also to Toni Braxton’s Secrets..

I just got promoted at work. Though the raise wasn’t really big --- more of a transfer, I’m truly excited and am really looking forward to my new job responsibilities. I am also thankful that the people from supervision considered me, together with two of my closest playmates Matthew and Joanna. I also get to wear a new uniform/costume. My look would change drastically from Western cowboy do ala checkered and brown with jeans to Television Advertisement front desk white sleeved uniform with maroon vest and tie. Ha! My training starts next week. Oooohhhh, I just cant wait!


Last Thursday, I had my first Dental appointment here in the US. Thankfully, the Dentist was a kind, soft spoken, pleasant Filipina.

I was hesitant. Believe it or not, I’m afraid of Dentists. I had a traumatic experience with one when I was young. Nope, I wasn’t raped. Ha! It’s a difficult incident to put into words. I’d rather not elaborate the horrendous episode of my childhood.

Dr Sheila’s treatment center was nice. It’s more or less every Dentist’s dream clinic. Flat screens everywhere. X-rays in every room, automatic chairs (oh how innocent…), mouth cameras… a nursery corner with musical books which really made my day during my second visit… and they even have audio visuals for the treatments they are about to do if ever the patient needs one. Amazing isn’t? So when she told me that I needed to have a root canal, she made me watch a 15 minute presentation explaining the procedures and everything there is to know about the operation. It never really helped actually. I just got more scared than ever.


Just this Monday, Cindy and I watched The Interpreter. I cant say that I disliked it, because I didn’t. I cant say that I truly enjoyed watching it because I wouldn’t be sincerely honest. In fairness to the producers… although the story was quite worn and rather expected, they were able to rope in some interesting elements, and that the suspense was still felt.

Some questions: If Nicole Kidman was said to be the daughter of a British (white) mother and an African (black) father, why then have unfair one-sided features? I also cant understand the involvement of Sean Penn’s personal issues. Then again… who am I to comment.


It’s been a long time since the last movie that really made me feel shivery. After watching the trailer for Russel Crow’s Cinderella Man movie, I felt myself weak, and teary eyed. Find me over acting.. I don’t care.

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I miss my dear friends from MYX. My dear friends who have forgotten me. huhu

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My dearest Marce, who just loved NOT combing his hair.

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Well, I cant really blame them…


Just this weekend, my aunt brought me to Jollibee. I miss Jollibee… and the secret escapes we did when I was still with MYX. Although the food didn’t really taste like the original, I still enjoyed eating there… it just felt like home. Sticky flooring, noisy staff, noisy costumers with angry earsplitting children. And they even serve Guinatan!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

What's new Pussycat?

I’m the type of person who just loves working. I wouldn’t mind not sleeping for days nor the salary as long as I’m enjoying my job. Ever since I have graduated college, I have been fortunate to have stressful and yet enjoyable occupations. My ABS-CBN job which nearly killed me with demanding undertakings --- all the same taught me so much about life outside school. Then there was my MYX job, which continued the torturing by passing on taxing responsibilities --- and yet I still love doing. Now that I’m working in Knott’s Berry Farm, everything’s just all the same. My job may not be physically tiring, but the pressure in what I am expected to perform is so nerve-racking. Providentially (just like with my first two jobs) there are pleasant people who amazingly relieves me from anxiety. This time, with Knott’s…

The Amicable Big Boss:
Ms. Vanessa --- who I never thought was actually Ms Vanessa until people started calling her Ms. Vanessa (confused?). All I knew then was that a certain Vanessa is the Manager of our Guest Services department. I was also told during the orientation that we would rarely see her. Astonishingly, while I was selling tickets during my first day (without a trainer), she replaced my ticket booth-mate (who got really ill) and started selling tickets herself. I only found out that she was Big Boss Vanessa when her walkie talkie started screaming her name. She confirmed my bewilderment by answering back: “Vanessa here.” Imagine that.

My Jack-of-all-trades Supervisors:
Ms Mabelle, the daunting and yet very approachable superior who remarkably appears in less expected places --- leaving me fretful most of the time. Ms Briana, who enlightened me with the importance of the paper shredder (which was also the first time I ever saw and used one). Who would have thought that paper shredding is a whole lot of fun. Honestly, not intending to be sarcastic or anything, I really enjoyed watching heavy piles of paper revolutionize into almost weightless strips. Mr. John, my only male supervisor who accidentally made me, once again, attend an orientation I already got to… thus introducing me to Ms Briana… thus, the paper shredder. He, like the other two, makes it a point that there is a proper/open supervisor-supervised employee communication, consequently alleviating work afflictions.

My firm always-on-the-go kill-if-needed happy Shift Leaders:
There’s Danny who somehow enjoys baffling people with the help of his well mastered poker/serious face. The very calm shift leader who (unconsciously) takes pleasure in taking pens from ticket sellers. Then there’s the overwhelming and yet affable Stephen, whose presence always reminded me of my first out of balance. Ms Debbie, the considerate easy to talk to shift leader whom I admire the most. The charming and ever busy Brittany and the cuddly likable Roseanne. Shift leader Nathan, whom I seldom see and mystical Gilbert who happens to know every answer to every question there may be (and whose eyebrows I so love).

My loving Mother-Trainer:
Karen --- who really guided us unconditionally. I cant help but hug her every time I see her for she also reminds me of my mom whom I miss the most.

My sweet wholesome aren’t-you-intimidated DAs
Ms Paula --- who never failed to frighten us (in person and even in the phone), yet appreciated us all the same. The pleasant Ms Nadine --- whom I just met.

My new friends:
Matthew, my batch mate. Chipmunk Brande with her 10 year old vocals. The ever funny Lacedrigra, who enjoys fashion design the same as I do. The very friendly, and chatty, Katrina who always had a smile. The psycho killer Monica who just enjoys tormenting me. The soft spoken Joanna Hall, side-splitting Diego, easy-going Kris and the good-humored Paulina. Pearl lover Sandra and Anime fan Stephanie. The lovable Ms. Shirleys (of Park Admission and Guest Relations), Ms Yvette and Ms Jean. The Darling, Ms Jacqueline. Doll-faced Lauren and Godfather Ray. And of course Ryan, the guy who hired me and my first trainer Michelle.

I so love my job.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm Back..

I’ve been really busy with my new job. Even though I never really exceeded working after four in the afternoon --- my creative wheels somehow fails to produce rather entertaining readable entries. I’m tired, and somewhat listless. I am not complaining. I actually like what I do. My self hasn’t fully adjusted to my new routine.

I was in the mood to take pictures of myself the other day. Forgive me for not looking for a better background. I was having my break and I cant bring my phone in the park. Then again --- just look (and admire.. Hehe)

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Early last week, Cindy, my friend who works in Disneyland, told me that Johnny Depp was in their park. I have also learned that he loves visiting the Resort with his wife and children. Cindy would say that they were a beautiful set of people, peacefully wandering in the park, enjoying just like every other guest.

CELEBRITY: Johnny Depp

Since I am also working in a theme park, only different, I have also imagined and hoped that famous celebrities would walk in front of me --- probably leaving me amazed… more that amazed… astonished.

Late last week my wish came true. There she was… buying her family’s tickets… my ticket booth… a celebrity.

CELEBRITY: Lani Mercado

I have never wished again.



I have a new number (714) 496 0899

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Building a Mystery

Why do we love listening to songs that are not, in any way, relevant to us?

I understand there are factors that help us in developing definitive reasons. We may have grown liking a popular singer or group, thus, somehow, obliging us to follow his/her path and appreciating the music they create (whether we like it or not). Some of us listen merely for fun --- probably the song makes them dance or the like. Most of us listen primarily because we don’t want to be left behind.

And yes, there are some songs that seemed like they were specially written and sang for us. Songs that hit us deeply, leaving us taken aback, almost teary eyed (or for some --- leaving them crying). Some songs even, surprisingly, know our most kept secret, that’s why when the singer says the words melodically, we simply fall.

But my point here is different. Gloria Estefan‘s “Here We Are“ for example. When I first heard this song, I felt nothing else but sympathy. I am not a Gloria Estefan fan, nor did this song change my perception about her --- I simply loved the song. What’s more peculiar is that the song, by any means, does not have anything to do with me.

Here we are, face to face
We forget time and place
Hold me now, don’t let go
Though it hurts and we both know

Another example: Whitney Houston’s “Where you Are.” This song actually is the reason why I bought Whitney’s album.

I saw the news this morning
Saw your face across the screen
And as I poured my coffee
I picked up a magazine

But as I turned the page, and looked inside, there you were again
Oh these lonely times, they never seem to end
You're too far
I know I should be there where you are

And another: Jewel's "Hands."

If I could tell the world just one thing
It would be that we're all OK
And not to worry 'cause worry is wasteful
And useless in times like these
I won't be made useless
I won't be idle with despair

Poverty stole your golden shoes
It didn't steal your laughter
And heartache came to visit me
But I knew it wasn't ever after

My theory now is this: We listen to a song because somehow we wanted its message to happen to us. We may not realize our needs, nor automatically comprehend what’s happening, but we unconsciously can relate. Instinctively, we wanted something to happen.

Then again, maybe not.

So the next time somebody says: “I so love this song!” or “Oh my God! This song really Rocks!” try asking for their reasons for me. I’d appreciate it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Knott's Very Own Little Princess

Last Tuesday was my first day of training as a Guest Service Associate for Knott’s Berry Farm. I have always hated first days, except this one. Probably because I’m a foreigner and I couldn’t care less, or maybe because I stand out and that’s all that matters.

We were at least a hundred and thirty successful applicants in the orientation room that day. All wearing costumes pertaining to each’s department. Mine is a brown (half-checkered) cowboy inspired long-sleeved top and a blue Dickies jeans (which they also provided, including the Knott‘s jacket and even the belt). The lady seating right next to me (whose costume I truly loved) is wearing a blue peasant-inspired, striped long dress, complete with a fancy laced apron and a laced headdress.

I really had fun. I met new people and really had new friends. It was just like our little Beauty Pageant, with us wearing our own National Costumes, speaking our own languages, and everybody trying to befriend everybody else for the Ms Congeniality Award. I actually wanted to cry …

And then the most terrifying moment of every first day happened --- We had to introduce ourselves. I was already trembling. When the first row were done with their introduction, I started looking for signs pointing to the restrooms. Alas! I was too late. I just heard the speaker call out my name “OLIVER?”

“Hi, I’m Ramesh… but my name tag says Oliver (stutter), probably because they can’t pronounce the name I’m used to (stutter) being called. I’ve always wanted to work in a theme park (more stuttering). I actually wanted to be a Disney princess but they thought I was too large for the role…”

And then there was silence. And then everybody just started laughing…hysterically. I just loved it.

Later that day, the staff made us fill out questionnaires. The first question was: “What do other people don’t know about you?” Thinking that the questionnaire wouldn’t be broadcasted or anything, I honestly wrote: “I’ve always wanted to wear a Mermaid’s costume.”

I was wrong.

To cut the long story short, we all left the room with me being tagged as the Guest Service Mermaid, and my booth being the Mermaid’s cubicle.

And one more thing!

During my introduction, I unconsciously kept saying “Cheka!” every after my sentences. One of the staffs bravely questioned me about its meaning. I simply said: “Good Gracious.” Ha!